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Dating partners now under widened domestic abuse law in Louisiana

Louisiana Rep. Helena Moreno (D-New Orleans) proposed a few changes to the state's domestic abuse laws. Should House Bill 223 be signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards, the crimes of aggravated assault on a dating partner and battery of a dating partner will be created.

Inmates might be relieved of their child support obligations

Demanding that a prison inmate continues to make child support payments when he or she has no way to earn an income might not make sense. The child support payments could add up over the months and years to become an insurmountable debt barrier to the inmate's reintegration back into society after confinement.

New ruling flouts 2008 law designed to protect victims

Which concern outweighs the other: the idea that a potentially innocent man could be forced to remain out of contact with his children while a false allegation of a violent marital rape moves through the criminal court system or the possibility that a criminal who raped his wife now has unfettered access to his children—who are expected to be called as witnesses for the prosecution during his trial?


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