Skillful Help With Child Custody And Visitation

How are issues of child custody and visitation decided in Louisiana? What is the difference between sole and joint custody? How long does it take to resolve a case? What if you were never married? These initial questions are common at the end of a relationship.

Attorney Brett K. Duncan has helped parents resolve child custody issues for more than a decade throughout the Hammond area, including Tangipahoa Parish and Livingston.

Child custody is always an issue when you file for divorce. If you are not married to the mother or father of your child, however, you can file for legal custody of your child at any time.

We will help you understand the finer distinctions between terms you probably hear in casual conversation, terms like joint custody and sole custody. We will also help you see your decisions in light of the "best interests of the child" test, the test that guides judges in all child custody decisions. We can also help you understand how child support and custody are connected.

It is important to get a custody order correct the first time. While it is possible to modify child custody, there must be a material change in circumstances.

Unmarried Parents' Custody Rights

To obtain child custody when unmarried, you need to establish paternity. A father can do this through an acknowledgement of paternity or through a court proceeding. A court case may also address child support issues.

For unmarried parents, failing to obtain a custody order after a breakup can be a mistake. A custody order sets the rules of the road for the future.

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