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December 2016 Archives

Gray divorces: What should you keep in mind?

Getting divorced after 30 or more years of marriage is no longer as surprising as it once was—people are living longer, healthier lives, and social taboos against divorce are not as strong as they were in the past. Many people who get a "gray" divorce after decades of marriage when other couples have settled in for the long haul don't see divorce as a bitter ending. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to live out the rest of their years as they see fit, happier than they were while married.

The best holiday gift is to put your kids first

You're probably spending a lot of time trying to think of the perfect gifts for your kids this holiday season. Maybe they made you lists or maybe you're just out there on your own, trying to find that ideal present. If you and your spouse are divorced, though, the best gift you can give is to put your kids first.

New ruling flouts 2008 law designed to protect victims

Which concern outweighs the other: the idea that a potentially innocent man could be forced to remain out of contact with his children while a false allegation of a violent marital rape moves through the criminal court system or the possibility that a criminal who raped his wife now has unfettered access to his children—who are expected to be called as witnesses for the prosecution during his trial?


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