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How does living separate and apart impact my divorce filing?

Louisianans who have problems in their marriage will sometimes decide that they will live separately for a time to determine how they will address the situation. While this is common, many will be unaware of how this can influence the divorce process. There are three grounds for divorce in the state and one is living separate and apart. Understanding the time periods and other considerations when a couple has taken this step is a key part of a case.

What to expect if your minor child is arrested

Kids make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes result in an arrest. Except in severe cases, most minor children have their criminal cases handled in juvenile court. The goal is not to convict, but to make sure kids get the help they need to move on and better themselves. Still, it can be an overwhelming thing with which parents have to deal.

What if face drug charges for distributing to those under 18?

Being arrested on drug charges in Louisiana can be a worrisome experience. Those who might have given or sold drugs to another person or are accused of doing so might have a vague understanding of the potential penalties they can face, but do not grasp the different potential consequences that could be assessed based on circumstances. For example, there is a difference between distributing to the drugs to a legal adult who is 18 or older and someone who is younger than 18. Knowing the law for distribution to those under 18 can be a critical part of a legal defense against the allegations.

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