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Custody rights: Consider your options before turning to the court

The best interests of your child always come first in custody cases. Regardless of what you or your ex-spouse want, a court will always make a decision that benefits your child first and foremost. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have your own parenting plan, you may not need to rely on a judge to determine what happens to your child, which can work out better for everyone involved in the case.

How do you tell a young school-age child about your divorce?

When you plan to get a divorce, it can be hard to figure out how to tell your child. It's particularly difficult when your child is old enough to understand that you're separating from his or her father or mother but not really old enough to understand the nuances of a divorce.

Our shared goal of easing kids through divorce and child custody

If you are reading this because you are divorcing with children in the Hammond area of Louisiana, then you probably share an important goal with us. In fact, it could be argued that our shared goal is one of the most important goals a person could have. What is this goal? It is helping your children adjust to a new lifestyle after divorce.

Why mediation may help in child custody cases

Mediation is often helpful in child custody cases because it focuses on solving problems, rather than arguing or fighting over your rights. It's often used by two parents who still get along, at least to some degree, and who are willing to cooperate for the benefit of the child.

Making sense of how the best interest of the child is determined

In making child custody decisions, a judge is responsible for doing so by taking the child's best interests into account. He or she will consider a number of circumstances surrounding the child's upbringing with the ultimate goal of keeping the child's safety and well being as a priority.

Understanding child custody laws in Louisiana

While most states are ideal for couples to marry and raise a family, in cases in which a marriage ends in divorce, it's important to know how child custody works. Louisiana prescribes to the 1978 Uniform Child Custody Act, which on the lawbooks is covered under Civ. Art. 131; Rev. Stat. §9:331, et seq., §9:355.12.


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