The best holiday gift is to put your kids first

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You’re probably spending a lot of time trying to think of the perfect gifts for your kids this holiday season. Maybe they made you lists or maybe you’re just out there on your own, trying to find that ideal present. If you and your spouse are divorced, though, the best gift you can give is to put your kids first.

Putting them first means working to reduce stress. It means trying to focus on what they want to get out of the holidays. It means ensuring that they have a relaxing holiday season full of fun and joy.

This doesn’t always mean that you get what you want. Parents who fight for what they desire often create more chaos for the kids.

There are many tactics for sharing the holidays. Maybe you get the kids on Christmas Eve and your ex takes them on Christmas morning. Maybe you split Christmas Day in half, dropping them off after lunch. Maybe you switch back and forth every other year. Perhaps you even try to celebrate the day as a family again, with your ex, no matter how the two of you feel about each other.

The right plan is different for everyone. The key is simply to figure out what’s going to be best for your kids. If you do that, you give them the holiday they deserve, even if you have to make sacrifices.

Of course, it’s also important to consider your rights as a parent, under both your parenting plan and the child custody agreement you signed off on. Make sure your rights are respected, but also be sure you put your kids first.

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