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The legal status of marijuana in Louisiana

States across the country have taken major steps toward legalizing the personal and recreational use of marijuana by their citizens. Though the federal government still recognizes marijuana as an illegal substance, some states have chosen to permit the limited possession and use of the drug by adult members of their populations. Louisiana, however, is not one of those states.

State law has not been changed or modified to allow individual citizens to have or use marijuana for their personal use. In fact, a person who is found to be in possession of up to 14 grams of the substance may be penalized with 15 days in a parish jail, $300 in fines, or both. If a person has a prior arrest for drug charges, those punishments can be amplified.

Civility can benefit the parties of an out-of-court divorce

There is no getting around the fact that a divorce is a difficult legal and emotional process. Two people who once believed that their marriage would last forever must decide that it would better to split up their family and live their lives apart. In Louisiana, individuals facing the challenges of divorce on many levels may look for ways to make it easier on themselves and their families.

Though it may not be possible to eliminate all of the conflicts and difficulties of ending a marriage, there are some steps that individuals can take to make their divorces less confrontational. One thing that they may choose to do is to explore all of their options for ending their marriages. They may find that mediation would serve their interests more fully than litigation and that they can settle their disagreements in out-of-court divorce proceedings.

Helping Louisiana parents create effective child custody plans

It is hard for Louisiana families to go through the challenges of a divorce. Even when spouses can work together for the benefit of themselves and their children, conflicts may arise and emotions flare. While parents may be able to understand the divorce process and the ends that they wish to achieve, children can be left with questions, concerns and fears about their future.

What role does fault play in a Louisiana divorce?

Not every marriage ends because of a dramatic event in the lives of the parties. For some, time simply loosens the binds of love and support that held two people together. They may even agree that divorce is in both of their best interests and may work together peacefully to bring their marriage to an amicable end.

What happens if a teen driver gets a DUI?

Many parents already struggle with handing the keys over to their teenaged-driver. Teens are consistently associated with texting, recklessness and poor judgment on the roads. But what if your child drives while intoxicated?

It’s a scary scenario for most parents to consider. No one wants to believe their child is capable of making poor decisions, but teens make mistakes. It is a part of growing up in our society. Your role, as the parent, is to help them learn from those mistakes.

A review of visitation options for noncustodial parents

Child custody and visitation decisions can be some of the most difficult matters that parents must settle when they decide to divorce. Most Louisiana residents want to do whatever they can to minimize the impact of their divorce on their kids and wish to give them as much continuity as they can to transition them into their new lives. This can mean setting up child custody and visitation schedules that put the children's needs first.

Fake ID in Louisiana: Are there consequences?

Using and owning a fake ID is not uncommon in today’s day and age. High school students and college students under 21 years old use fake IDs to purchase alcohol and get into bars regularly. As a parent, it can be troubling if you suspect that your child is using a fake ID to buy and consume alcohol while underage.

In a recent National Center for Biotechnology Information study of just over 1,000 college students, almost two-thirds of the group had used a fake ID to buy alcohol. What are the consequences to using a fake ID? What are the consequences to underage drinking or underage drinking and driving?

Defense strategies to protect juveniles from life-long hardships

Though Louisiana parents may not want to admit it, their kids can make some pretty big mistakes. Children are subject to impulses and whims that eventually grow less strong as they move toward adulthood. But, when they are young their decision-making processes can be flawed by desires to have fun and feelings of invincibility. A child may make a choice that an adult can clearly see is dangerous and potentially criminal.

Pursuing an out-of-court divorce through mediation

A divorce may follow a troubled marriage that is no longer salvageable by the parties who entered into it. When conflict grows, and happiness diminishes, married parties may seek the support of divorce professionals to advise them on their options for ending their relationships. In Louisiana, some couples may choose to use mediation to bring their marriage to its end.

What is counted as a previous offense in Louisiana DUI law?

When a person is accused of drunk driving in Louisiana, one thing that has very big impacts on what sort of consequences he or she could face if convicted is what he or she has on his or her criminal record. In Louisiana DUI law, how severe of penalties can be given for a DUI conviction in part depends on how many prior offenses a person has. Generally, the more prior offenses, the more severe the penalties can get.

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