Could you and your child benefit from virtual visitation?

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If this is the first time that you’ve heard the term “virtual visitation,” don’t be turned off by the word “visitation,” which some parents understandably find to be inaccurate and insulting. Virtual visitation is an approach to digital parenting time that can be utilized regardless of what your child custody rights are. The term has simply caught on due to its alliterative nature. 

This form of parenting time uses technology—such as video calls, instant messaging and email—to allow parents and children to interact in real-time, despite potentially being miles apart. If your child spends some of their time with their other parent, virtual visitation could potentially be beneficial for you, your ex and your child alike. 

Embracing this opportunity

Virtual visitation enables frequent and flexible communication, as virtual interactions can happen anytime and anywhere. This means parents can be a part of their child’s daily life—sharing stories, milestones and even mundane moments—fostering a sense of closeness and involvement.

At its most effective, virtual visitation can be tailored to the child’s age and interests. Younger children might enjoy reading stories or playing games over video calls, while older children and teenagers might prefer texting or video calls at times that fit their busy schedules. This flexibility allows parents to engage in activities that resonate with their child’s evolving needs and preferences.

It’s important to approach virtual visitation expectations with thoughtful consideration. The quality of the interaction, privacy and the child’s comfort with technology should be taken into account. Establishing a regular schedule and creating a quiet, private space for virtual visits can help make these interactions more meaningful and enjoyable.


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