Let Us Help You Resolve Your Dispute

If you are interested in resolving your divorce as quickly as possible and having more control over the outcome, you may be interested in mediation. In mediation, an attorney works with both parties to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.

At Brett K. Duncan & Co., we offer divorce mediation services to individuals in the Hammond area of Louisiana. Mediation is effective in a generally uncontested divorce where there may be one sticking point. When you hire one of our lawyers as a mediator on the front end of your case, you may be able to avoid costly litigation.

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Understanding The Mediation Process

  • What can I expect from mediation?

The mediation process often unfolds with you and your spouse in separate rooms. The mediator initially meets with each of you to pinpoint disputes. After finding out more about your story, the mediator will work with both of you to reach a final agreement on contested issues, whether related to child custody and visitation or the division of community property.

  • Who can benefit from mediation?

Mediation usually works best for couples who can cooperate amicably on most of their issues. Many spouses turn to mediation because they want a fast divorce and an out-of-court settlement. However, it is generally not appropriate if allegations of violence or an imbalance in power exist.

  • Will mediation work for me?

If you and your spouse reach an agreement during mediation, then another lawyer will draw up the paperwork and assist with a court filing. However, some couples find that they resolve all issues. When a dispute remains, traditional litigation may be necessary.

Keep Control In Your Own Hands

You know what will work for your family as you move to separate households. In a divorce trial, the judge issues a ruling that may not satisfy either party. Mediation is a tool that leaves control in your hands. It also offers a quicker resolution so that you can move on with your life.

Is Mediation Right In Your Case?

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