We Will Defend You Against Abuse Charges

Are you facing penalties for domestic violence? Domestic violence charges can take a toll on your life, even if you have not been convicted. The mere accusation of abuse can ruin your reputation and affect your job, child custody arrangement and friendships. To fight charges of domestic abuse battery, you need an advocate who truly believes in you.

We are Brett K. Duncan & Co. Our attorneys can help you with issues pertaining to domestic violence, including stalking, harassment, restraining orders and battery. At our law firm, we take a client-centered approach to every case. We strive for the solution that is best for your unique situation. No matter your circumstances, we will tirelessly defend your rights, working toward a positive outcome.

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Don’t Stress About The Legal Details; We’ll Handle Those

No doubt, these charges are causing you significant fear and strife. Navigating Louisiana’s criminal justice system is a layer of stress that you do not need. Allow our experienced attorneys to handle the legal aspects of your case. We can shoulder your burden, provide simple explanations of the legal process and give you straightforward advice about your case.

Your Family Should Come First

There is nothing more important to you than your family. With our law firm managing your case, you can focus your attention primarily on your day-to-day life. This gives you much-needed time and energy to spend with your family.

Schedule A Consultation. Talk To A Lawyer.

You deserve skilled representation in your domestic abuse battery case. Talk to one of our attorneys today. We offer weekend and evening consultations for your convenience; now, simply schedule an consultation. Call our Hammond office at 800-725-6413 or use our online intake form.