Taking The Fear Out Of Your DUI Charge

You have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Your future is unclear: You feel frightened, nervous and overwhelmed. You could face license suspension, jail time, fines and other penalties. During this difficult time, you need the strength of an experienced attorney.

At Brett K. Duncan & Co., we have over a decade of experience helping clients throughout Louisiana who were charged with alcohol-related traffic offenses such as driving impairment. Working closely with you, we can help alleviate the burden of fear that you carry. We focus not only on resolving your criminal charge quickly and cost-efficiently, but on helping you secure a bright future.

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Why Take A One-Size-Fits-All Approach?

Our firm does not believe in a one-size-fits-all legal strategy. Your case is different from everyone else’s, so you need representation that is different from everyone else’s, too.

We take a personalized approach to every client. We will closely examine your unique circumstances, then come up with a strategy to obtain the best results available.

DUIs And DWIs Can Get Expensive, Fast

Many people underestimate the expense of a DUI/DWI in the Hammond area. From court fees to financial penalties, these charges can become very expensive. We will work to resolve your DUI or DWI as quickly as possible, saving you the cost of a long legal process. And because our firm offers flat fees, you will not have to pay a hefty legal retainer.

Don’t Hesitate: Talk To A Lawyer About DUI

The longer you wait to speak to an attorney, the more difficult and expensive your case could become. We are ready to help you now. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our Hammond office at 800-725-6413 or contacting us online. We also accept all major credit cards.