Can you get arrested for sharing prescription medication?

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Many people get prescribed opioid drugs to treat conditions like chronic pain, acute fractures and other painful illnesses. Sometimes they don’t finish the whole prescription and have a few pills left in their bottle.

Friends and family members might ask the person prescribed the pain pills to share the leftover doses with them. Some may be opiate addicts or simply be suffering from their own legitimate aches and pains. You hate to see friends and loved ones hurting and want to help.

Is it ever OK to share your prescription medication?

No. It is 100% illegal to share your Rx medicine with anyone at all. It doesn’t matter if no money or valuables ever change hands. It doesn’t matter if the person is on the exact medication as you are.

Giving or sharing your prescription drugs with another person opens you up to the potential felony charge of distribution of drugs. If the drug is a Schedule II, the penalties upon conviction are stiff.

Are you facing drug distribution charges?

If you get arrested here in the 21st Judicial District Court (JDC) or elsewhere in Southeast Louisiana, it is a serious matter. The consequences of a felony conviction are life-altering and can close a lot of future doors for those who get convicted.

Scholarships to and financial aid for colleges and universities can be rescinded or blocked. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits can be taken away or denied, along with the right to live in Section 8 and public housing, for those with certain drug convictions. Many industries won’t hire people who have a drug conviction on their records.

Don’t limit your options

Learning more about the drug laws here in Louisiana can help you mount a stalwart defense against a drug charge.


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