3 custody issues that can cause parental conflict in Louisiana

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Custody orders established or otherwise formalized by the Louisiana family courts often include specific standards. Each parent may receive a certain amount of parenting time or physical custody. Custody orders can help two adults share the responsibility for their children more amicably.

However, parents often need to expand on the basic standards of a custody order in a more thorough parenting plan. Parents have the option of proactively establishing certain rules and standards that might prevent major conflict between the parents in the future. For example, adults can benefit from addressing the following parenting issues proactively to reduce tension and conflict when they share custody.

Educational expectations

Parents usually want to see their children thrive, which might mean preparing for college. Many parents expect their children to meet certain basic academic standards regarding the grades that they obtain. Parents need to consistently reinforce the same standards to encourage the best of their children. Discussing what the parents expect from the children academically and setting rules can prevent conflict if there are performance issues later.

Technology use

Perhaps one parent wants to send the children to the other’s house with a mobile phone so that they can call or video chat at any time. Maybe one parent doesn’t see the issue in the children playing games online or joining social media platforms, but the other takes issue with those same behaviors. Parents may need to include a series of age-appropriate rules for technology use among their children so that the expectations are consistent at both households. They may also need to discuss costs, including purchase prices and service fees.

Disciplinary standards

It is common for parents who stay together to have one adult in the family act as the disciplinarian while the other may not play much of a role in behavioral matters. That isn’t an option when parents live separately. Both parents need to be consistent about the type of discipline that they utilize and the consequences that they choose to impose for different types of issues. Parents can agree on a basic outline for punishments and disciplinary standards. They may also need to have rules about communicating on a case-by-case basis to address more serious issues and ensure discipline at both homes.

Expanding on basic custody matters in a thorough parenting plan can help parents to minimize likely sources of conflict in a shared custody arrangement. Seeking legal guidance is a good way to get started.



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