Why mediation may help in child custody cases

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Mediation is often helpful in child custody cases because it focuses on solving problems, rather than arguing or fighting over your rights. It’s often used by two parents who still get along, at least to some degree, and who are willing to cooperate for the benefit of the child.

Generally, mediation is more relaxed and less “threatening” than going to court. You know that a judge isn’t going to hand down a legally-binding order, so you’re able to offer ideas, consider solutions and talk openly about what can be done.

Plus, you can usually say anything without worrying about it becoming evidence and impacting the case. When you’re free to actually speak your mind, without second-guessing everything, you may end up with the result you really want.

Now, you and your ex do have to be able to communicate and act in a civil manner during this process. It’s not about the two of you. You must put your differences and emotions aside. You’re just two people trying to reach an agreement that allows you both to be involved in the child’s life.

Of course, that’s how you’ll need to operate going forward, anyway. Your marriage is over, but you’ll always be the child’s parents. You’ll be connected forever and you’ll need to work together often. Mediation can help show you how this works and set a positive tone for future interactions.

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