Divorce and your health

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There has been plenty of research that confirms that married people are happier and healthier than people who are divorced. The health benefits of marriage are pretty easy to see. Spouses offer a support system to each other when times are difficult and provide companionship. Couples motivate each other to improve themselves and encourage each other to develop various good habits.

When you’re single, though, it’s much easier to let yourself fall into a lifestyle of a poor diet, a lack of sleep, not enough exercise and substance abuse. This is especially true when you are divorced because you can really get down when you are lonely.

Two psychologists, however, want people to realize that marriage doesn’t cause good health and divorce doesn’t cause bad health. For instance, when people are in good health, both psychologically and physically, and get married, they are better prepared to enjoy the long-term benefits that come from a long-term relationship. In other words, this means that marriage isn’t responsible for their happiness and health — their happiness and health mean that their marriage will likely thrive.

For those who suffer abuse in a marriage, divorce can mean that the person is healthier and happier. An unhappy marriage can wreak havoc on the body, so divorce can help end some of those unhealthy effects.

As you can see, divorce doesn’t mean that you will automatically be unhappy and unhealthy. It depends on how you and your spouse were during your marriage. For some people, being unable to cope with stress, depression and more during a marriage can mean that coping with the same issues after divorce can mean that your health can be negatively affected.

For those considering divorce, an attorney can help you determine whether the process will go smoothly or be acrimonious. You attorney can also provide recommendations for therapists that can help you enter this new time in your life in a healthy manner.

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