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Many Louisiana parents agree that successful child rearing often involves the need to make difficult decisions that sometimes include saying or doing things that might disappoint their children. For instance, if your child asks permission to go to a party, you might believe something or someone there could jeopardize your child’s well-being. Even though you want him or her to be happy, you might say “no” because you want what’s best for your son or daughter.  

Parenting in the modern world is no minor endeavor, to be sure. Helping your child reach his or her full potential might bring rewards and good memories, but it will also undoubtedly include a number of challenges. No matter where you live, how much money you make or how you parent, chances are your child will face temptations in several areas of his or her life before reaching adulthood.  

Drugs and alcohol problematic in many regions 

One of the biggest temptations your child will likely face at some point during the teenage years involves drugs and alcohol. Perhaps you’re currently dealing with problems related to this topic. If so, you’re definitely not alone. Many parents understand what you’re going through from first-hand experience. Some of the main reasons often cited as leading factors in teens’ choices to try drugs and alcohol include: 

  • Many young people say they first tried alcohol or drugs because they were lonely and/or bored in life. Many teens spend a great deal of time alone, especially in households where both parents work full-time outside their homes. Unfortunately, some children become convinced that drinking or taking drugs will fill certain voids in their lives. 
  • From smoking cigarettes to taking hard drugs like methamphetamine or LSD, teenagers who want to rebel against authority choose such behaviors because it gives them a false sense of empowerment.  
  • Teenagers joint many others in modern life who thrive on instant gratification, and they aren’t the only ones who use a particular drug or alcohol because of how it makes them feel.  
  • The years between 13 and 18 are typically tumultuous in many ways. In addition to bucking the system or asserting independence against parents, teens also often struggle with inferiority complexes and/or a lack of confidence. People often do things they wouldn’t otherwise have the courage to do if it weren’t for the influence of drugs or alcohol in their systems.  
  • Peer pressure plagues many teenagers during these years. Some kids dare others to try drugs or alcohol, and some teens simply go along with the crowd. In addition, in many instances teenagers follow adult examples when they see grownups in their lives drinking, smoking or using drugs. 
  • The entertainment industry, in particular music, greatly influences many teens. Some say songs that make smoking marijuana or taking pills sound cool convinces them to engage in such activities themselves.  

If you’re one of many parents in Louisiana whose child got in trouble with the law because of drugs or alcohol, you’re likely experiencing a wide array of emotions from sorrow to confusion, frustration, worry and anger. Several support networks exist to help people in your circumstances. Young people often make mistakes. Like most parents, although you don’t want to excuse such behavior, you do hope to provide the guidance, discipline and the assistance necessary to help him or her get life back on track. 

To address the legal aspect of the matter, it may help to request a consultation with a criminal defense attorney experienced in the juvenile justice system.


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