Child custody planning for summer vacation

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Summer vacation is close now, and your kids are probably thrilled about it. You, however, may be wondering if it’s going to make your life all that much more complicated.

As a divorced parent, planning is hard enough during the school year. You and your ex may already fight about child custody issues. If you use these tips, it will help you through a summer vacation that can be even more hectic than usual.

1. Schedule those vacations in advance.

Don’t wait until the last minute to ask your ex what he or she thinks about your vacation plans. Sit down before the summer is underway and talk about what you’d both like to do. Conflicts arise when you both want to take a trip at the same time. Planning in advance helps you both get to do what you want.

2. Keep communicating, even during the trip.

Remember, your ex is used to seeing the kids frequently. When you’re gone, he or she may be frustrated to be cut off from the kids completely. Keep those lines of communication open. Even if you’re not communicating with your ex, make sure that the kids can.

3. Check out your custody agreement.

Before planning a trip, be sure you know just what your agreement says. For instance, in some cases, you may be limited in just how far you’re allowed to travel. Don’t violate the terms of the court order.

It’s important for both parents to know their rights during the complicated months of summer vacation. They also need to know their legal options if those rights are violated.

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