Our shared goal of easing kids through divorce and child custody

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If you are reading this because you are divorcing with children in the Hammond area of Louisiana, then you probably share an important goal with us. In fact, it could be argued that our shared goal is one of the most important goals a person could have. What is this goal? It is helping your children adjust to a new lifestyle after divorce.

You likely already know how hard divorce has been on you personally. Now, imagine how your kids must be feeling. There are many elements of divorce that children cannot understand. This could leave them feeling frightened and confused. Child custody matters in particular can feel overwhelming to children of all ages.

Like you, we want your kids to emerge from your divorce healthy and well balanced. Our experience assisting families through divorce has shown us effective ways parents can ease their children through this transition while doing as little harm as possible to their emotional and mental health.

Try these tips if you are looking for ways to help your own kids deal with your divorce and your child custody proceedings.

— Avoid talking negatively about your co-parent.

— Avoid using your children to pry into your ex-spouse’s personal affairs.

— Remain consistent with rules, schedules and other structured areas of your children’s lives.

— Avoid interfering into your children’s relationship with their other parent.

— Keep your focus on making sure your children are coping appropriately with the changes in their lives.

When you and your legal counsel share the same goals through your divorce, it is possible to circumvent some of the child custody issues that many families experience. Please feel free to learn more about family law in Louisiana on our website.


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