Child custody in Louisiana: A child’s best interests come first

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As a parent, your priority in life is your child. You want to know that your child is always taken care of and that he or she is protected. Louisiana’s state laws are there to help you protect your little one.

When it comes to custody arrangements, there are specific laws that protect you and your child. One of those is the Uniform Child Custody Act.

Louisiana adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act in 1978. That act makes it possible for states to work together to enforce child custody arrangements made in other states. That way, individuals can’t flee with their children and seek help with custody in other courts around the country.

Louisiana is a state that values family, which is why grandparents have limited visitation rights that can be granted by the courts. Additionally, the courts will consider what a child has to say about where he or she wants to live or if he or she wants visitation with someone seeking custody or visitation time. Joint custody is an option, and the courts like to see parents who can work together to raise their children.

The courts are focused on a child’s best interests regardless of what either parent wants to see happen. The courts consider factors like who is best able to take care of the child’s needs, which parent earns more or less, where the child’s siblings live and other important issues before determining child custody arrangements. If parents can come up with their own parenting plans, then the court has the ability to approve those plans and make them legally binding. Our site has more on what you need to know about building your custody plan.


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