3 tips for getting through the holidays during divorce

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The holidays are coming up quickly, and with your divorce on your mind, it’s hard to imagine what you’re going to be able to do or how you’re going to pull yourself together for family events. Fortunately, plenty of people have been where you are now, so there are some helpful tips for managing your holidays and surviving your divorce.

It’s true that you may not be feeling cheerful with your marriage ending, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid celebrating the holidays. Here are three tips for getting through the holidays with as little stress as possible.

Establish boundaries

Before you go to any events, it’s important to start talking about your boundaries. State what you will or will not do, depending on your preferences. For instance, would you like to avoid talking about your divorce? If so, say so and communicate that boundary to the people you’re visiting. You may feel that’s unnecessary, but sometimes, people need to be told how to be sensitive to your situation.

Start new traditions

It’s easy to lament being unable to do the things you did in the past without thinking about your marriage breaking down. Instead of worrying about those old traditions, start focusing on new traditions. Go to a spa, create a movie night or try something new that could become a tradition you’ll enjoy now and in the future.

Surround yourself with positivity

Everyone knows at least one person who is an endless pool of positivity. Try to surround yourself with happy, content and positive people during the holidays. Their cheer may wear off on you.

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