Louisiana sets record year for adoption within the state

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For many people, there’s nothing more important than adding to their families. Some can’t have children. Others want to give a child a good home.

If you’re looking to adopt in Louisiana, this news is good for you. According to the news, Louisiana has set a new adoption record. In the 2017 fiscal year, 764 children were adopted. In 2016’s fiscal year, 735 children found permanent homes.

Some of the children who enter the foster care system come in with serious injuries. One such child was a baby who suffered from shaken baby syndrome and other injuries. Somehow, the infant was extremely lucky; despite severe injuries, she recovered with no neurological damage. One in four shaken babies die, so to survive with few or no injuries is nothing short of a miracle. Doctors claim it’s adoptive parents that make it possible for children like this to survive and thrive.

The state is breaking past adoption records, but it’s still looking for more families to foster. Families can go through an orientation when they’re ready. They take place every 21 days, so it’s easy to get started if you’re interested in fostering a child. Presently, there are at least 100 children ready to be adopted in Louisiana, for those who would like to pursue adoption instead of fostering a child.

Fostering and adoption are both serious investments. This is something that can change a child’s life and future forever as well as changing your own. If you’re considering either, your attorney can help you get into contact with those you need to talk to in order to get started.

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