Can you date while you divorce?

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You’re going through a divorce, but the process isn’t quick. You’ve waited months and still have different issues you need to address. In the meantime, you’d love to start dating again. You want to meet new people and get your life back on track.

You don’t see the harm in dating while you’re going through a divorce, but could it end up causing you problems? Possibly, which is why it’s usually better to wait to date until your divorce is resolved.

To start with, some states still recognize and criminalize adultery. By definition, it’s any sexual contact between married people and those other than their spouses. A legal separation won’t terminate a marriage officially, so if you do decide to have an intimate relationship with another person, it could result in claims of adultery.

With several states, if you date while you’re divorcing, you could end up turning your no-fault divorce into an at-fault divorce. Fault divorces could affect how much you get out of the marriage’s assets and your total costs. If a judge sees you wronged your spouse in some way, there’s a potential that you could end up footing more of the legal bills.

If you’re legally separated and want to date because of the length of your divorce, you might be able to, but it’s best to speak with your attorney first. You don’t want to put yourself into a compromising position that could end up costing you more than you intended in your divorce settlement. Remember, until the final decree, you are still married to your spouse.

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