3 custody schedules to help you manage after divorce

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There are several ways that you can set up custody and visitation to benefit you and your child in Louisiana. First, you need to know some terms. First, the domiciliary parent is the one who has a home where the child lives. The other parent is the parent with visitation. Physical custody refers to the person who has physical custody of a child during a certain time. Normally, both parents have physical custody at one point or another, but there is one parent who has domicile in most cases.

There are three kinds of schedules to have in place. One is a residential schedule, another is the holiday schedule and a third is the summer break schedule. These schedules are important, because they determine where your child will be during those time periods.

A residential schedule is most important, because it shows when you or the other parent has custody during the week. The holiday schedule dictates who has custody on special occasions and holidays, while the summer break schedule dictates who has custody over your child’s summer break from school and other school holidays.

Making a custody agreement with at least these three basic schedules is important to your child’s continued health and happiness. The schedule has to be written and then approved by the court. Once it’s approved, it’s legally binding and a schedule that you and your child’s other parent must follow on a daily basis. Our site has more on what to expect once you create a parenting schedule and have finalized custody allocations to follow.


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