Does one or more of these issues apply to your teenager?

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Raising teenagers in a modern world is definitely not for the fainthearted. Like most good parents in Louisiana, you likely view your teen with great pride, and he or she probably brings much joy in your life, that is, when he or she is not exasperating you when hormones and emotions that seem to take over his or her body. This description is par for the course in most households with teenagers.  

If you happen to be one of many whose problems have grown a lot more serious than fluctuating hormones and mood swings, you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone in the struggle. Many parents are doing their best to help their teenagers overcome legal problems, many of which are alcohol or drug related. To help a teen get back on track, it’s a good idea to analyze underlying issues, such as what prompts juveniles to experiment with these substances? It’s also good to know where to seek support.  

Reasons teenagers give when asked why they drink or use drugs 

You hopefully have a close relationship with your son or daughter and regularly discuss issues that affect his or her well-being. Many parents talk to their kids but are still unable to protect them from various temptations and influences that lead them down hazardous paths. The following list includes underlying causes for rampant teenage use of alcohol and drugs in Louisiana and across the nation: 

  • Many teenagers say they simply do what they see others doing, many times including their own parents. When kids see adults or other kids drinking or using drugs, they are more prone to want to try such substances themselves.
  • Media influence has a lot to do with why teenagers use drugs and alcohol. It’s not uncommon for kids to say their favorite TV shows make drinking and smoking pot seem fun. 
  • Many teenagers also say the music they listen to promotes underage drinking and drug use. 
  • Some kids drink alcohol, smoke pot or swallow pills to try to escape emotional problems in their lives. 
  • Many juveniles have fallen into the habit of trying to self-medicate, such as using prescription drugs to treat chronic pain conditions. 
  • There are also teenagers who choose to drink or use drugs as a means of rebellion against authority, especially their parents.  

Does your child struggle with self-confidence? Perhaps he or she is easily bored and always saying there’s nothing to do. Teenagers like this are at great risk for underage drinking and illegal drug use. If your child gets into legal trouble, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad parent. While you might be upset with your son or daughter, especially if he or she broke the law, it’s only natural that you also want to help him or her mitigate circumstances and get the help he or she needs if an addiction problem exists.  

Tap into local support resource 

There are often community networks set up in Louisiana and beyond for parents of teenagers addicted to alcohol or drugs. You may also have a confidant or minister that you trust to share your experiences and seek guidance. As for legal issues, you can access strong support to help protect your child’s rights and lay the groundwork for a brighter future.  


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