A review of visitation options for noncustodial parents

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Child custody and visitation decisions can be some of the most difficult matters that parents must settle when they decide to divorce. Most Louisiana residents want to do whatever they can to minimize the impact of their divorce on their kids and wish to give them as much continuity as they can to transition them into their new lives. This can mean setting up child custody and visitation schedules that put the children’s needs first.

Therefore, the visitation plans that parents commit to when they go through a divorce can look very different depending upon the needs of their children. For some families, reasonable visitation may be ordered so that parents and kids have some flexibility to work out times for the noncustodial parents to be with their kids outside of rigid schedules.

Flexibility may be a detriment to other families, and for them it may be better for their family law courts to order fixed visitation. Families that operate with fixed visitation schedules know exactly when the children should be dropped off with and picked up from their noncustodial parents. Fixed visitation schedules do not change unless they are modified.

In some circumstances courts may order that parents have supervised visitation. These orders are often the result of findings that parents may not be able to take care of their children or situations where abuse or neglect has been alleged against a parent. No matter what visitation schedule is set for a family, parents should know that they can always get legal help with their child custody and visitation questions. Attorneys who practice divorce and family law are excellent advocates for parents in such situations.


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