Helping you assert a strong defense against drug charges

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In Louisiana and elsewhere, individuals could face drug charges for a wide range of reasons. This can be an extremely overwhelming situation, as many drug crimes carry with them serious penalties that could follow a person for the rest of their life. It is imperative to explore defense options. This not only helps challenge the charges, but could help reduce and even eliminate the criminal consequences a person could face.

At our law firm, we understand the importance of a strong defense. No matter what caused one of our clients to face criminal allegations, our law firm is dedicated to helping individuals in the pursuit to fight the charges and explore all relevant legal strategies.

Whether a person is charged with a simple possession charge or a more serious drug offense, such as distribution or trafficking, our law firm is prepared to attempt to assert a defense for individuals in the Hammond area. We will take the time to understand the details and circumstances surrounding the charges, helping us understand whether we can challenge evidence and poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

We consider any search and seizure that occurred, assessing whether or not it was conducted lawfully. If any evidence was not obtained legally, our law firm may be able to file a motion to suppress. This could result in evidence being dismissed, helping to reduce and even dismiss the charges against our clients.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s drug charges website. It can be a difficult and emotional time in the aftermath of an arrest. However, those facing drug charges should take timely action to assert a defense, as a strong defense could help the accused avoid criminal penalties.


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