Teens face juvenile crimes after mother finds stolen goods

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Juvenile crimes are common in Louisiana. While it is not a positive if people under the age of 18 commit crimes, it does present a certain level of opportunity to get them on the right track with the proper steps. In some cases, they are not even involved in the criminal acts, but might have been with the wrong group, in the wrong place at an unfortunate time. No matter the specific circumstances, juveniles need to be legally protected if they are confronted with the possibility of penalties for a conviction. This is true even if the parents or guardians contacted law enforcement and this led to the juveniles being arrested.

A woman found suspicious goods in her son’s room and called law enforcement. The son, 15, shares the room with his cousin, also 15. She initially looked in the room when she was told that one of the teens had a firearm. She did not find the gun, but some property in the room appeared to have been stolen.

After calling the sheriff’s office, the two teens were spotted on their way home. They saw a law enforcement vehicle in front of the residence and fled. They were eventually found in Mississippi by another family member. The son was brought to Louisiana and arrested for burglary. His mother took him on a custodial release. The cousin fled. There is a warrant for his arrest. The property that was found in the son’s room had been taken from vehicles in the area.

The juvenile justice system is different from the system for adults, but that does not mean the penalties are less challenging. Depending on the allegations, a juvenile could be incarcerated and face other penalties related to the crimes. It can have a negative impact on his or her future in myriad ways including getting employment, being admitted to schools and more. For many, intervention, counseling and treatment can be effective.

In this case, a mother discovered that her son and nephew had stolen items and called law enforcement. This could have a beneficial impact on the teens’ future as they could get the care they need to avoid other violations and escalation as they get older. With burglary charges, it is wise to have legal advice on how to proceed. A law firm experienced in juvenile crimes and criminal defense may be able to assist with a case.



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