Will my child lose the scholarship due to a drug charge?

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Louisiana college students do stand to face sanctions if they are arrested on any kind of drug charge.  While every school has its own Code of Conduct in place, most are closely aligned when it comes to disciplinary actions, especially regarding scholarships and those receiving financial aid.  School athletes may be banned from the team.  On-campus student housing privileges may be removed. Positions on committees or associations may be stripped.  Student financial aid may be denied. Last, but certainly not least, depending on the Code of Conduct and the severity of charges, the student could be expelled from the school altogether. So yes, a drug charge is a potentially big problem for a college student.

It is important to know that after an arrest, whether criminal and/or civil proceedings proceed and regardless of outcome, school disciplinary action is a completely separate matter.  Take LSU for example.  After an arrest that is categorized as “behavioral misconduct” by a student on campus, at an LSU sponsored event, or while representing LSU in any way, the school will proceed with punishment.

If a drug charge is filed, an LSU student, as well as most other schools, could expect to receive a Letter of Notification detailing the charge and its possible consequences. An Accountability Hearing will be scheduled to be attended by the student, school officials, a parent, and an attorney if you wish.  It is important to note that this hearing will include the presentation of evidence as well as questioning along with a final decision.  It is highly recommended that the student have an attorney present at all times.

An attorney can help navigate these treacherous waters by way of offering alternative solutions to school officials.  For example, the student could attend and complete a drug rehab in return for remaining a scholarship recipient.  However, scholarship funds can also have their own rules in place regarding misconduct.  This is also something that should be discussed with a knowledgeable attorney if the situation should arise.


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