Narcotics investigation in Louisiana leads to 2 arrests

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Detectives in Louisiana arrested two people on Aug. 13 after executing search warrants at a home in Springfield and a hotel room in Walker. The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office says the 41-year-old woman and 18-year-old man used the two locations and a number of other nearby hotel rooms to distribute illegal drugs. Deputies and detectives assigned to the LPSO’s Narcotics and Armed Robbery and Burglary Divisions took part in the operation.

Female suspect was the subject of an ongoing investigation

A LPSO representative said that the search warrants were issued as part of an ongoing investigation into the woman’s alleged drug distribution activities. When her hotel room and Blood River Road home were searched, investigators allegedly discovered undisclosed quantities of drugs including marijuana, methamphetamine, LSD, MDMA, zaleplon and temazepam. About $9,000 in U.S. currency and a Nissan Altima sedan were also seized according to reports.

Suspects face a long list of charges

Both of the suspects have been charged with weapons and drug possession. The woman faces counts of possession with the intent to distribute Schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances and using drugs in the presence of a minor. The man has been charged with possessing with the intent to distribute Schedule II and Schedule VI controlled substances and producing or manufacturing a Schedule I controlled substance.

Questioning the basis for a search warrant

Police officers are only issued search warrants when they have sufficient probable cause to believe that they will find evidence of criminal activity. When evidence recovered during a search is likely to be used against one of their clients in a narcotics case, an experienced criminal defense attorney may study the probable cause statement closely. When the officers involved may have obtained the search warrant based on misleading or insufficient probable cause, the attorney might seek to have the drug charges against their client dismissed.


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