Domestic violence charges: Type of defenses

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Being involved in a domestic violence case in Louisiana is an incredibly serious situation, especially if you are innocent of the charges levied against you. Fortunately, there are several defense strategies that your attorney can use to prove your innocence. The following includes a list of these defenses and the process each one includes.

Proving that you didn’t do it

Perhaps the most common defense is that you didn’t commit the crime of which you are being accused. In this defense strategy, your attorney will need to clear a few things with you to ensure a strong criminal defense. Information gathered by your attorney to prove your innocence will include:

  • Your whereabouts that day
  • Credible witnesses to improve your alibi

The accuser is lying about the incident

Unfortunately, there are cases in which someone will attempt to get his or her spouse charged for something he or she didn’t do. If you are in this situation, it is important to get your story right. For example, injuries must be consistent with the type of abuse the accuser stated he or she suffered at your hands. Your words to the police officer may make or break the entire case.


In some cases, hurting the other person may be considered self-defense and, thus, legal. A good example of this is a mother severely hurting her spouse because she was simply protecting herself and her children from clear danger. Some of the things that your attorney will point out to the courts will include:

  • Defense marks
  • History of past abuse
  • Comparisons of stories with reports

Defending yourself against these types of allegations is extremely important to prove your innocence. Thus, bringing in the right criminal defense team to advise you is critical if you aim to prove your innocence.


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