Criminal behavior that begins before adulthood

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A criminal history can have a dramatic negative impact on the life of any defendant in Louisiana. Even though juveniles do have the advantage of an opportunity for record sealing before the age of 18 in many instances, there can be fallout beyond the impact on the life of one individual, negatively affecting their family too.

Causes of juvenile criminality

Cases of juvenile criminality in court often have similar circumstances, including outside influence and peer pressure from others to act illegally. Studies have shown that primary factors can include:

  • Family mental health issues
  • Lack of educational priority
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug abuse
  • Chronic and early school failure

Impact on family

Some professionals say that many cases of juvenile delinquency are a result of poor parenting. Some parents simply lack to life tools to teach their children, and children might revert to criminal behavior due to a lack of interaction with outside mentors who can help them grow emotionally while young.

When children receive criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney may work to help lessen the extended damage to the family. Parents are commonly held accountable for their children to a certain degree, including removal of a delinquent child from the nuclear home.

Criminal defense attorneys may emphasize to parents that, in many cases, it still takes petitioning the court for a minimal punishment and juvenile record sealing. Parents may want to work closely with an attorney throughout the process to protect their child’s rights. It is not automatic that a child will not be punished, and minimizing damage to the whole family is vital if the child receives a conviction.


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