Do 50/50 custody arrangements work for everyone?

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Child custody arrangements can often be challenging depending on how much custody time each parent gets in Louisiana. Most 50/50 custody arrangements work well if both parents live in the same city and are relatively close in proximity to each other. This makes it easier to transport the child back and forth each week.

Typical 50/50 custody arrangements assign each parent the child for a week at a time, which offers less back-and-forth traveling between the two homes. It can also strengthen the child’s relationship with their parents because they get more time at each home. This arrangement can be helpful, but it’s not ideal for everyone, so it’s important to work with an attorney to craft a parenting plan.

Custody arrangement mistakes to avoid

You should create a co-parenting plan that lists different details of how you’ll both parent the child, such as their bedtime, how medical expenses will be covered and the schools you want them to attend. When you share child custody with your ex, it’s important to avoid making too many changes to the schedule when a plan is already in place. This can interrupt the child’s schedule and doesn’t offer the consistency that the child needs, which offers a sense of security after their parents’ divorce.

It’s also important to avoid being late to drop-off or pick-up times, which can cause tension to develop with your spouse. Any tension or conflict that you have can cause emotional distress to the child.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need help negotiating child custody, contact a family law attorney to fight for your rights and inform you of how to navigate the process. Your attorney may review the details of the case and help you do what’s in the best interest of the child. Family law attorneys may also offer assistance with similar matters like child custody modifications, divorce and alimony.


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