Can a DUI affect a teenager’s auto insurance rates?

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In many cases, when teenagers get their license in Louisiana, they rarely think about the consequences of getting a DUI. Many teens know that it is illegal to drink and drive or that it can lead to fines and jail time, but not many of them realize that it can affect their auto insurance rates in the future.

How does a DUI affect a teenager’s auto insurance rates?

A DUI can increase the cost of the individual’s monthly insurance payments. This is because insurance companies see a DUI as an increased risk, and as a result, they tend to charge more for coverage. A DUI can cause the teen’s insurance rates to go up for several years after the incident.

In some cases, if a teenager gets a DUI, their auto insurance company may choose to no longer offer them coverage. This means that the teen would have to find another provider, and they would likely have to pay more for coverage.

What can a teenager do to lower their auto insurance rates after getting a DUI?

If you are the parent of an underage driver, it is important that you understand how your child’s actions can impact their future. This means teaching them about safe driving habits and trying to ensure they avoid any type of accidents or violations while on the road. If your teen gets a DUI, it might be possible for them to lower their insurance rates if they avoid any other type of violation while behind the wheel.

You may also be able to get lower rates by comparing quotes from different auto insurance companies. This can help ensure that your teen is getting the best coverage for their needs and potentially save money in the long run.

It can be devastating for a teenager to get a DUI because it can affect their auto insurance rates for many years. However, there are things that parents can do to help their children stay safe on the road and potentially lower their rates in the future.


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