How to stay focused on your children during your divorce

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One thing many Louisiana couples who are going through a divorce may worry about is the effect the divorce will have on their children. If you have this concern, the fact that you are thinking about it is an important first step.

Focus on the children

Children can adjust to your divorce, but what happens during the process can make it more or less difficult for them. You should try to avoid communicating your anger at your spouse to your children even if your spouse is not responding in kind. It is important to give children the space to talk about their emotions. They may need reassurance that the divorce is not their fault and that both of their parents still love them. If you end up in a custody battle, try to remember that you, the other parent and the court system all want what is in the best interests of the children even if you do not agree with the final custody decision. Keep in mind that differences in parenting styles do not mean that the children will not thrive with the other parent.

Protecting your children

There are also situations in which conflict may be unavoidable. For example, you may feel as though your spouse is trying to punish you using the children. You should still try to keep the conflict away from the children. If you appear vindictive yourself or have an emotional outburst in court, it may hurt your position in a custody dispute.

Keeping the focus on the children and working to reduce conflict around them during the divorce can also help you move into a smoother co-parenting relationship after divorce. Even if the divorce was high-conflict, over time, many parents are able to put these negative emotions behind them and move forward more positively for the benefit of their children.


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