How will a DUI conviction affect your Louisiana job search?

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The process of undergoing an arrest and conviction for a DUI in Louisiana can be traumatic. Yet once the ordeal ends, you may still need to account for your DUI conviction during your job search.

Employers conduct background checks for criminal histories

During the application process, employers regularly perform background checks that include a criminal records search. If you have a DUI conviction, your employer will see that during your background check. In the state of Louisiana, the DUI conviction remains on your record for ten years.

Distinctions between arrests and convictions matter in Louisiana

In 2021, the state legislature passed a bill that forbids employers from denying employment based on arrests that did not lead to convictions. However, this relates only to employers who gain the information through a background check. If you volunteer the information about your DUI arrest, the potential employer may still use it to disqualify you.

Consider these methods of handling your DUI conviction

Job searching can be challenging when you have a DUI conviction. However, taking the time to carefully consider how to address your DUI conviction may make the process go more smoothly. Consider these techniques to help you deal during the job hunting process:

  • Only reveal your conviction if you are required to do so.
  • Make sure your transportation to and from work remains reliable.
  • Use the government and charity organizations that are designed to help you secure a job.

Mount a strong DUI defense during your trial

A DUI conviction will stay with you for a long time. It will impact your job prospects and personal life. It may even impact where you live. Choosing to mount a quality defense against your DUI charges remains the best way to avoid these circumstances.


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