Drinking and driving statistics in the United States

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With the growing popularity and availability of affordable rides through Uber and similar services, it may seem easy to assume that fewer people drive drunk today. However, driving after drinking is still a growing problem in Louisiana and throughout the country.

Surprising drunk driving statistics

One report showed that 65% of survey respondents chose not to drive after drinking. However, 23% admitted that they drove after drinking on at least one or two recent occasions. More than 2% of respondents said they had done this more than six times recently. Of the percentage that said they felt alert enough to drive after drinking, 10% revealed that they had a DUI in the past.

Why is drunk driving still a problem?

According to the survey referenced in the previous section, about 4% of respondents did not have another way to get home. Some people also said that they lived close to where they were drinking and felt comfortable taking the chance of driving. Almost 54% of respondents felt confident in their driving abilities after drinking. Although there may be many varying factors that contribute to the drunk driving problem in the country, poor judgment from being intoxicated is a common factor. When people feel alert enough to get behind the wheel after drinking, they put themselves and others in danger. Additionally, they risk getting in serious legal trouble.

Sometimes, it can only take one second to make a mistake that can cause irreparable harm. Even if people survive drunk driving accidents, they can sustain serious injuries with permanent effects. Also, the repercussions of getting a DUI can be detrimental to a person’s career, finances, and professional licenses.


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