Social media and divorce don’t mix

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Divorces bring a variety of emotions to the surface, and it’s not uncommon for those emotions to get out of control. In a time where millions of people post the most intimate details of their lives on social media, it’s easy for things to bubble over. Divorcees in Louisiana should consider these social media tips when navigating the uncharted waters of their marriage ending.

Take a break

Ideally, divorces are amicable splits in which each spouse decides to go his or her own way. Unfortunately, many divorces are less than amicable. One of the smartest steps that you can take is to simply avoid posting anything on social media during the divorce process.

Staying positive

Posting on social media platforms is a standard part of daily life for millions of Americans. With that in mind, the temptation to post during a divorce may be more than you can handle. If you must continue posting on social media during your divorce, avoid posting anything negative about your ex, no matter how hard it is.

Don’t talk about it

While you may assume that this goes without saying, it’s important to avoid discussing the details of your divorce on social media. Having friends or family members who you can talk to is important. However, you should have those conversations privately and not on social media for the world to see.

Don’t creep

Resisting the temptation to see what’s going on with your ex is a difficult step for many divorcees to take. Even if you don’t snoop on your ex through social media, you should also avoid asking friends and family to do it for you.

Social media allows people to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, it muddies the waters when dealing with divorce. Understanding how to responsibly navigate social media while going through a divorce is crucial.


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