3 tips for discussing underage drinking with your child

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While alcohol may not be the best discussion during dinner, it can be necessary for parents to have this conversation with their kids, especially when they are under 21. In addition to talking about the health effects of alcohol, your child should know the legal effects of drinking before they are of legal age.

So, how can you hold this discussion?

Bring up the subject when relaxed

Initiating a discussion about underage drinking when there is tension, for example, when your child is under punishment, may not be wise. Consider introducing the talk when you and your child are relaxed, such as during dinner or when handling household chores.

Avoid being judgemental

You should hold the conversation in a non-judgmental way. For example, ask your child about their thoughts on alcohol, how they feel about adults having alcohol around kids, if they have heard their friends talk about alcohol and so on.

Basically, your conversation should be more about you listening to their opinions. And once they are engaged, you can introduce underage drinking. Calmly talk to them about the legal age of drinking in Louisiana and the effects of being caught drunk before that age.

Share personal stories

If you have stories about teens/adults whose lives changed because of underage drinking or drinking in general, you can share them in a non-judgmental way.

Tell them it’s normal not to drink

Many kids usually start to think it’s normal to drink, and some even believe that their parents giving them their first beer is a rite of passage. Therefore, while your child should know about underage drinking, consider telling them it’s okay not to drink even after they are old enough to. 

Parents should discuss underage drinking with their kids. If your child is charged with this crime, get them legal help sooner to protect their future. 



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