Signs that a marriage might be in trouble 

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In the beginning, marriage can be very exciting. Couples often feel like they are on cloud nine on their wedding day and in the immediate months after. Nonetheless, married life isn’t always plain sailing, and conflict can arise. 

All couples have their ups and downs, and how a couple navigates conflict will shape the rest of their marriage. Outlined below are two signs that a marriage could be in trouble


While couples should share both resources and time together, it’s important that each spouse retains a level of independence. For example, both spouses should be able to pursue their own career, and education as well as socializing with their own friend groups. Jealousy can get in the way of this and it can ultimately cause conflict in a marriage. For example, if one spouse constantly questions who the other is spending their time with, and accuses them of lying. 

Trust is key to every relationship and jealous behavior is a sign that trust is not present in the marriage.  


When a couple lives together and spends most of their free time together, arguments are bound to arise. As mentioned, how obstacles are navigated can determine the longevity of the marriage. Disputes cannot be overcome without effective communication. While heated arguments are not a good sign, disagreements are natural and if spouses are talking, then they are working things out. One of the most troubling signs for a marriage is when communication breaks down completely. For example, if a couple goes days or even weeks without talking, then the marriage could be in real trouble. 

If you’re having difficulties in your marriage, then it will do no harm to gather more information about your legal rights.


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