Pursuing an out-of-court divorce through mediation

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A divorce may follow a troubled marriage that is no longer salvageable by the parties who entered into it. When conflict grows, and happiness diminishes, married parties may seek the support of divorce professionals to advise them on their options for ending their relationships. In Louisiana, some couples may choose to use mediation to bring their marriage to its end.

Mediated divorces are completed out of court and are often less stressful than litigated divorces. This is because mediated divorces are driven by the parties and not judges in courtrooms. In a mediated divorce, the parties to an ending marriage work with a third-party mediator to work out their preferences and needs regarding custody, finances and property.

Not all couples will find success in mediation. For example, if one party to a marriage has been abusive to the other or there is an unequal balance of power or authority between the parties, the outcome of a mediated divorce may be tainted or unfair. Mediation is often successful when the parties to a marriage can set aside their conflicts and find balance in their negotiations to end their relationship.

Readers should be aware that not all family law attorneys serve as mediators or facilitate out-of-court divorce proceedings. It is therefore important to find an attorney who works with mediation clients if a reader is interested in this alternative path to divorce.

Mediated divorces can take less time and cost less money than litigated divorces. Their outcomes are driven by the parties and therefore individuals often have stronger feelings of contentment with their mediated divorces when compared to individuals who completed litigated divorces. More information about the divorce mediation process can be sought from legal professionals.


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