Why do some Louisianans choose to mediate their divorce?

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From a very early age a child may develop a sense of autonomy that causes them to want to make decisions for themselves. They may become frustrated when grown-ups attempt to intervene and to set them on paths that they do not want to follow. When a Louisiana child is confronted with a loss of power over matters that affect their life, they may become angry and unsatisfied with their situation.

It is a sad truth that many adults have this very same experience when they go through the traditional divorce process. Courtrooms are adversarial, which means that they are built upon the premise that the two sides to the legal proceedings will fight each other to find resolutions to their problems. A courtroom also has a built in failsafe in the form of a judge, since it is not unusual for parties to civil cases to be unable to find common ground to resolve their problems.

Individuals who wish to retain control over their divorces may choose mediation over litigation. Mediation is an alternative path to divorce that is party-driven. Individuals who mediate their divorces work out-of-court with their soon-to-be exes to find answers to their divorce questions that satisfy their collective needs.

Couples that retain peaceful relationships after they choose to divorce may be well-suited to mediate their divorce proceedings. Not all individuals can handle working with their exes to find common ground on topics like money, property and their kids, but those who do are often satisfied with their out-of-court divorce outcomes. The option of a mediated divorce is not for everyone, but those who wish to learn more about it can do so with the help of knowledgeable family law attorneys.


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