Why divorce mediation is the best option for ending your marriage

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Married couples in Louisiana who wish to end their marriage might want to consider divorce mediation. Knowing the basics of this method can help you know whether it’s the right option for you.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a different process for ending your marriage that involves negotiating with your spouse in an informal setting to reach a settlement. A neutral third-party mediator meets with the two of you to help you through any issues that need to be resolved. This allows you to get a divorce in a faster, more amicable way.

How does the divorce mediation process work?

Most divorce mediation sessions take place within one to three hours. You and your spouse meet with the mediator in an informal setting such as an office instead of court. Sometimes, professionals are brought in to help settle matters you’re unable to reach an immediate agreement on such as child custody.

The mediator is there to help you through the most concerning issues that you and your spouse don’t see eye to eye on. However, they remain neutral at all times.

Mediation is often the fairest way to get a divorce. It gives you and your spouse full control over the outcome and allows you to negotiate all the terms of your divorce. Because you’re working together to settle things, it’s much faster than a traditional court divorce.

You are also able to save money with divorce mediation. Most couples who use it find that their divorce is much faster, which ends up being nicer to their wallets.

Divorce mediation isn’t for everyone. However, if you and your spouse agree to work together and have mutual respect, it could be the best choice.


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