Should I go to rehab after a DUI in Louisiana?

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For many Louisiana drivers, getting charged with driving under the influence can be a difficult process. These charges have huge consequences and, in many cases, involve the suspension or full revocation of your driver’s license.

It’s more or less assumed that if you’re caught drunk driving, you might have a problem. As such, the court might order you to go to rehab to help with your addiction and hopefully keep you from drunk driving in the future.

Why are DUI charges so serious?

Drinking Under the Influence – also referred to as a DUI charge – is taken very seriously by almost every court of law. And for good reason, considering there were over 11,000 deaths that were caused by drunk driving in 2020 alone.

If another person dies as a result of one driver’s drunk driving, then the courts will usually charge them with some form of vehicular manslaughter as well as a DUI. But to prevent deaths, the court of law usually comes down hard on drunk drivers.

What does your first offense look like?

Some states are more lenient than others when it comes to first-offense DUI charges. Most states will require that the driver pay fines or lose their license for a few months, but other states will issue jail time for first-time offenders.

Do you have to go to rehab?

Other courts of law might say you can get your license back upon completion of a rehab program. In this case, you would have to go to rehab or go to jail.

It might be a good idea to go to rehab even if it’s not court-mandated. Hopefully, the court will consider your upcoming rehab stay in their sentencing, but you can get help if you need it and hopefully avoid drinking and driving in the future.


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