Single dads can maintain strong bonds with their children

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For single dads in Louisiana, it can be challenging to maintain a strong relationship with their children. However, it is necessary for the well-being of children. Here are four suggestions single dads can use to build strong bonds with their kids.

Be positive

It is common for men to treat children as they were treated when they grew up. When a man isn’t treated well as a child, it can be easy for him to repeat this pattern as an adult. Grieve the negative things that happened in the past, and focus on the good. A positive view can help you set boundaries with your ex-spouse and children and set the right tone for the future.


The first thing you can do to create a tight bond with your children after divorce is to keep communication as a priority. Take advantage of technology if spending time with your children in person isn’t possible. Write emails, get your kids a cell phone, use video calls and even send stuff through mail to maintain contact. Preplanning daily calls can be beneficial, like planning to talk with kids before bedtime.

Get time off

Take time off when you have time with your kids. For example, if you have them over the summer and want to play a bigger role in their lives, don’t put them in daycare or send them to summer camp for the majority of the visit. Take as many days off as possible to spend quality time with them.

Show your support

Attend functions your children will be involved in. Going to sports games, school events and extracurricular activities allows you to show your support. You want your children to know that they are still your priority despite going through a divorce.

Being a single dad can be challenging. However, you can overcome obstacles by keeping a solid relationship with your kids after a divorce.


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