Resolving Child Support Concerns

Child support limits the financial impact of divorce or separation on children. You may wonder about the details. Are there offsets if you pay for child care or health insurance? Who claims the child tax credit each year? Having a child support order in place can avoid fights about money in the future.

Brett K. Duncan & Co., is a Hammond-based law office that represents clients facing child support issues throughout the area, including Tangipahoa Parish and Livingston Parish. We will fight to ensure that you receive or pay a fair amount of child support. We work to resolve cases in a cost-conscious and efficient manner.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Louisiana uses child support guidelines to help determine child support. Deviations from the guidelines are uncommon, so it is important to ensure that the income figures used are correct. If a former spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is self-employed, this is not always easy. We can help you obtain accurate information.

Gross income is used to calculate child support and includes salary, wages, commissions, bonuses and workers' compensation benefits, as well as federal benefits such as Social Security or unemployment compensation. This is not a complete list, but shows the broad definition of income. The following factors are also considered:

  • Child care expenses - Child care is sometimes needed because of work or a job search.
  • Health care insurance - The cost of coverage will affect the basic child support obligation.

A child support order can also address who will pay for extracurricular activities and private school tuition. Deciding who will claim the child tax credit is another way to avoid a yearly disagreement. We can explain what you should expect and walk you through the process. We can also explain how custody affects support.

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