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Our shared goal of easing kids through divorce and child custody

If you are reading this because you are divorcing with children in the Hammond area of Louisiana, then you probably share an important goal with us. In fact, it could be argued that our shared goal is one of the most important goals a person could have. What is this goal? It is helping your children adjust to a new lifestyle after divorce.

You likely already know how hard divorce has been on you personally. Now, imagine how your kids must be feeling. There are many elements of divorce that children cannot understand. This could leave them feeling frightened and confused. Child custody matters in particular can feel overwhelming to children of all ages.

Will you snuff out romance if you sign a prenuptial agreement?

Do you think it's unromantic to talk about divorce, even before you tie the knot? Some Louisiana residents would say so. However, many people whose marriages ended in court years beyond their wedding day celebrations were thankful they had signed prenuptial agreements when the time came to divorce. How do you know if signing a premarital contract is right for you?

There are several things to consider when determining how best to protect your assets and plan for the unexpected as you enter married life. One important consideration is whether you wish to maintain separate ownership of any financial property, business interests or other personal assets during your marriage.

New Louisiana law lets some inmates stop paying child support

A new law in Louisiana could leave some parents wondering how they will pay for raising their children.

Part of the criminal justice reform package supported by Gov. John Bel Edwards, parents in jail for more than 180 days will have their child support payments suspended. One caveat, though, is that the parent must not be in jail for being behind on child support or for domestic violence.

Dating partners now under widened domestic abuse law in Louisiana

Louisiana Rep. Helena Moreno (D-New Orleans) proposed a few changes to the state's domestic abuse laws. Should House Bill 223 be signed into law by Gov. John Bel Edwards, the crimes of aggravated assault on a dating partner and battery of a dating partner will be created.

The penalties will vary for a conviction for one of these crimes; however, there is no decade-long firearm ban if the charged person is found guilty. A federal ban on firearms would be triggered for domestic crimes that involved intense violence, such as strangling or burning. This would also affect repeat offenders. This House bill passed 23 to 14.

Inmates might be relieved of their child support obligations

Demanding that a prison inmate continues to make child support payments when he or she has no way to earn an income might not make sense. The child support payments could add up over the months and years to become an insurmountable debt barrier to the inmate's reintegration back into society after confinement.

In answer to this dilemma, the Louisiana House passed a new piece of legislation in May. If it passes the Senate and becomes law, the proposed rule intends to help inmates reintegrate without financial debt burdens. Proponents believe that it would prevent many inmates from falling intp a life of financial struggles which could lead to crime after prison. It may also help inmates feel a sense of fair treatment by society, so that they are not immediately at odds with it when they're released.

Don't fall into the social media divorce trap

Divorce has a tendency to bring out the worst in some people. They're hurt, they're angry and some want revenge for the wrongs that they perceive a spouse has inflicted upon them.

That jumble of negative feelings can cause normally levelheaded and intelligent adults to behave quite irrationally. One way to inflict damage to an otherwise solid case is through the use of social media during divorce to cast aspersions on your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Child custody planning for summer vacation

Summer vacation is close now, and your kids are probably thrilled about it. You, however, may be wondering if it's going to make your life all that much more complicated.

As a divorced parent, planning is hard enough during the school year. You and your ex may already fight about child custody issues. If you use these tips, it will help you through a summer vacation that can be even more hectic than usual.

Divorce and your health

There has been plenty of research that confirms that married people are happier and healthier than people who are divorced. The health benefits of marriage are pretty easy to see. Spouses offer a support system to each other when times are difficult and provide companionship. Couples motivate each other to improve themselves and encourage each other to develop various good habits.

When you're single, though, it's much easier to let yourself fall into a lifestyle of a poor diet, a lack of sleep, not enough exercise and substance abuse. This is especially true when you are divorced because you can really get down when you are lonely.

Helping your teen get life back on track

Many Louisiana parents agree that successful child rearing often involves the need to make difficult decisions that sometimes include saying or doing things that might disappoint their children. For instance, if your child asks permission to go to a party, you might believe something or someone there could jeopardize your child's well-being. Even though you want him or her to be happy, you might say "no" because you want what's best for your son or daughter.  

Parenting in the modern world is no minor endeavor, to be sure. Helping your child reach his or her full potential might bring rewards and good memories, but it will also undoubtedly include a number of challenges. No matter where you live, how much money you make or how you parent, chances are your child will face temptations in several areas of his or her life before reaching adulthood.  

Debt and divorce can have a negative impact on your credit score

Going through a divorce can have a negative impact on your finances. You probably already realize that all of your assets, including your bank accounts, are likely going to be divided. What you might not realize is that your debts have to be divided too. This can affect your finances in more than one way. On top of having to cover some of the debts with your new single income, your credit might take a hit.

Your credit can be affected by divorce in a few different ways. When you and your ex decide to divorce, you should immediately close out all joint credit accounts. This protects you from having to pay for charges your ex makes after the divorce is filed.


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