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Marriages end every day. While some may take years to ultimately break down, others may meet their ends when unexpected events pull spouses apart. In Louisiana, residents can file for divorce to legally terminate their martial relationship.

Some divorces resolve quickly when the parties to the proceedings can agree on the decisions that they must make to untie their lives from each other. If they have a prenuptial agreement in place and can settle any unaddressed financial issues, then their divorce may move forward without complications. Divorces that involve children can be much more complex as matters related to child custody and visitation must be handled with consideration and care.

Divorces all end with marriages being broken, but every divorce will have its own character. The parties’ ability to work together, what they can agree on, whether they have contested issues related to money, property or their kids, and a myriad of other issues can change just how the process moves along. Individuals can benefit from seeking the support and counsel of family law attorneys that understand the differences that families can experience when they are affected by divorce.

The law firm of Brett K. Duncan & Co. serves the needs of Hammond residents who wish to end their marriages and who want to have the support of an attorney who is committed to addressing their unique wishes. While certain legal requirements must be met for a divorce to happen, the way individuals choose to settle their personal divorce issues is subjective. Attorney Brett K. Duncan and his firm support the choices that their clients make to find satisfactory outcomes to their divorce issues.


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