Can I go to college if I have a felony?

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Many Louisiana residents who have a felony on their records want to turn their lives around in order to become productive members of society. Unfortunately, that’s often difficult to do without a college degree. One of the most frequently asked questions among felons involves whether they can go to college with a serious criminal charge on their record.

Can felons go to college?

The criminal defense system includes countless people who made a single bad decision that alters the course of their entire lives. If you’re among that number, there is some good news. You can absolutely go to college if you have a felony on your record.

Some colleges have stricter requirements than others, and a felony may make it difficult for you to get into certain colleges. However, there are plenty of colleges that don’t consider an applicant’s criminal record.

Do colleges run background checks?

Some colleges run background checks on applicants, which means that they’re going to find out if you have a felony in your past. With that in mind, admission counselors recommend that applicants answer any questions about past criminal activity honestly on their college applications. Being honest shows your potential college that you recognize your mistake and want to make a better life for yourself.

Can felons get financial aid?

It’s possible for felons to qualify for grants and scholarships although some conditions exist. For instance, depending on your charges, you may not qualify for Pell Grants or other federal financial aid options. However, there are a number of scholarships and grants available, and some of them even focus on providing a college education to people with felonies.

Getting an education is one of the most proven ways for someone with a felony to turn their life around. Understanding your options and knowing how to get financial aid puts you on the best path to success.


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