Details emerge about violent crime stats

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Violent crime remains an understandable concern for many people. Louisiana residents may find their worries decrease after learning about federal statistics related to violent crime. Essentially, reports indicate a decrease in such instances. However, numerous violent crimes continue to occur, and defendants face charges that may or may not have merit.

A decrease in violent crime

In October 2023, published items related to the FBI’s annual crime report note a drop in violent crime in 2022. The year 2021 saw a slight decrease, but 2020 had worrisome data concerning the frequency of violent crime. Violent crimes include murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault and non-negligent manslaughter.

While many will see the trend of decreased violent crime as a positive development, not all the news from the FBI report is as positive as that. Per the report, property crime has increased. Non-violent incidents of vandalism, shoplifting and burglary would be examples of property crime.

Concerns for the accused

A decrease in violent crime still reflects the occurrences of such incidents. Many people face charges related to violent crimes, and the data suggests an increase in property crimes would likely result in the court system seeing many defendants charged with such violations. However, facing charges for a crime does not immediately equate with guilt. A criminal defense strategy could show that proving one’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt might be unlikely.

Problems with forensic evidence or eyewitness testimony could arise before or during a trial. Proof that the police lacked probable cause or a necessary search warrant might result in suppressed evidence. A plea bargain may be an option in some cases. Appeals may be possible if the defendant receives a problematic guilty verdict.


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