Are visitation schedules standardized?

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There are many different kinds of visitation schedules for people who are separated or divorced and need to share time with their children. Determining the best kind of arrangement isn’t always easy, but that may be because you’re unaware of the multitude of possibilities.

There are dozens of options. A common option includes one parent having the children during the week and the other having them on the weekend. Another common option is having alternating weeks with your children.

For parents with busy schedules, 70-30 schedules may be a good option. This gives one parent the children 70 percent of the time with the other parent caring for the children the other 30 percent of the time.

For parents who live far apart, visitation schedules may look different, opting for months with a child before transferring him or her to the other parent for an extended visit. For instance, one parent may have the child throughout the school year while the other has the child through the summer months and on school holidays.

Every visitation schedule has to be designed with your children in mind. If your children are young, it may be easier to place them on a schedule where one parent has them the majority of the time, since they need more care. Likewise, as your children grow and need less attention, it may be easier to have them go to each parent’s house on their own on certain days. Whatever works for you may be unique compared to others, but your attorneys can help you get the plan approved by the courts.

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